Small Michigan Group Needs Your Help

Whitetail Shed AntlersWhat started nearly 18 months ago with a small passionate group of deer hunters is now a well organized machine designed to initiate desired change in the way we manage Michigan’s deer herd.

Today…we move a giant step forward in helping the majority of Michigan’s deer hunters move closer to their dream of hunting a deer herd with a greater representation of bucks in the herd.

The research has been done, the options have all been considered, evaluated, and ruled on by appropriate parties in authority. Now is the time to role up our sleeves and, in the next 4 short months, convey our message to the hunting public for their approval.

This will not happen by the efforts of a small group. While we are dedicated we need help. If you can donate, dig deep and often. If you can assist in other ways handing out information, or providing a high visibility location for signage, let us know.

Many hands make light work and the work begins TODAY.
Welcome to the new home of LPDMI, we’re glad you’re here!

Tony Smith – President

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5 Responses to Small Michigan Group Needs Your Help

  1. Michael Trombley says:

    I think this is a great idea that will help keep our next generation of hunters interested in hunting Michigan Whitetails. Case in point, my two sons ages 13 and 16 are already holding out for more mature bucks. They are just like the rest of the kids watching hunting shows that are now wanting to harvest the same quality of bucks. APR’s will allow more sightings and harvesting of mature bucks thereby keeping our kids interested. Kids will not get bored with not seeing good quality bucks.

  2. Jim Nicolas says:

    Your website is right on when it comes to deer management. Your research on hunter retention is amazing Tony! Where did you get the data? I am the chairman of the organization that sponsored DMU 122 and your website is the most exciting thing I’ve seen in years. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you’re success in the Lower Peninsula promoting QDM. It’s working here and we would like to propose additional units as well. Good Luck on your prorosal.

    • LPDMI says:

      Jim, I wish I could take credit for that research but it’s the handy work of Jim Brauker.
      Jim is also trying to diagnose the reason for the big difference in support in the 3 DMUs that did not muster the support needed for continuation that ran concurrent with DMU122. Care to offer an opinion?

  3. leo w jerome says:

    We turned it down in clare county. And I would hope that jim brauker would keep his
    nose out of clare county. Who gives a big hooraw for large horns, ive tried eating them and there tough.

    • LPDMI says:

      The regulation was not continued after the trial period, and citizens who were surveyed were in favor of continuing it by a large majority, with 57% in favor and only 40% opposed. Just as with the current LPDMI proposal, there must be an overwhelming super-majority in favor or these regulations will not go forward.

      As far as Jim Brauker keeping his nose out of Clare County, well that is not going to happen as he often visits there as an alumnus of both Mid Michigan Community College and Camp Rotary.

      He shot his first two bucks in Clare County back in the 1970s while living in Harrison. He was the projectionist at the Ideal theater in downtown Clare from 1976 to 1980. If you attended the Ideal Theater during those years Jim was probably your projectionist. And his picture still hangs at Mid Michigan Community College in the theater. Why shouldn’t he have an interest in a county where some of his formative deer hunting memories were created while hunting public land, and where he began his education as a student at MMCC?

      And by the way, why shouldn’t all Michigan residents, even if they do not have the long history of living and working in Clare County that Jim does, have an interest in a county with large amounts of public land?

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