LPDMI Petition: We Need Your Signature!

The LPDMI has sponsored an online petition to let the DNR and NRC know how we feel about the current proposal for antler restrictions submitted by the LPDMI.  It sends an email to the NRC members as well as the Director of the DNR.  You can sign the petition here: LPDMI PETITION LINK


You may want to also draft a personal message to the NRC and the Director in addition to signing the petition.  It will only take a couple of minutes to write your piece but if we all do it just think of the impact it could have.


NRC email:  NRC@michigan.gov

DNR Director Kieth Creagh:  DNR-Director@michigan.gov

Michigan map



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2 Responses to LPDMI Petition: We Need Your Signature!

  1. eric collins says:

    I hope this takes off and people begin to realize we must protect yearling bucks, educate hunters, and reduce the buckto doe ratio. WE NEED QUALITY BUCKS IN THE STATEOF MICHIGAN . There should be a ONE buck harvest ONLY with restrictions put in place on the quality of buck you may harvest. If you desire to harvest more deer, then harvest does. Not only should this be a law, but a STATE OF MIND and CHOICE / THE DESIRE of ALL MICHIGAN hunters, to produce quality bucks. And this should not be just limited to just an area or zone, but the entire state of Michigan. We hunt the Thumb Area and live here, have a great population of deer, yet FEW QUALITY bucks. The idea is catching on, we being our “group” of freinds that hunt together, have not taken bucks in years , but rather does, in hopes of it paying off one day. Our youth, sons, have also taken this cause, being 18 to 15, and have passed many small eight point bucks , yearlings, to only take does. We only hope everyone will soon realize that if we ALL practice this, that we ALL will benefit in time.

  2. John Thelen says:

    I fully support the APR proposal for the southern lower peninsula. I hunt several areas, including some with strong QDMA initiatives, and I am astounded how much the hunting quality is improved when young bucks are left to grow and does are harvested to fill freezers. Unfortunately, some people need to see it to believe it. Please give it a try, especially in southern Michigan where both deer and food are plentiful. You will be impressed with the results.

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