LPDMI Petition: We Need Your Signature!

The LPDMI has sponsored an online petition to let the DNR and NRC know how we feel about the current proposal for antler restrictions submitted by the LPDMI.  It sends an email to the NRC members as well as the Director of the DNR.  You can sign the petition here: LPDMI PETITION LINK


You may want to also draft a personal message to the NRC and the Director in addition to signing the petition.  It will only take a couple of minutes to write your piece but if we all do it just think of the impact it could have.


NRC email:  NRC@michigan.gov

DNR Director Kieth Creagh:  DNR-Director@michigan.gov

Michigan map



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Antler Point Restrictions in MI – Detailed Audio Interview to Answer Your Big Questions

There are a lot of questions regarding antler point restrictions (APRs) in MI. There’s also a lot of misinformation out there.

Some hunters are hesitant to embrace the idea of APRs because they assume it will limit their opportunities to harvest a buck.

Antler Point Restriction InterviewEarlier today, Jim Brauker of the LPDMI was interviewed by Outdoor Radio host Jamie McKibbin on ESPN Radio 1450 to answer some common questions surrounding APRs in MI.


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Antler Point Restrictions: Do they improve hunter participation?

During the last decade, hunter participation in Northern Michigan has plummeted around 20%.  Two small Deer Management Units, DMU 122 in the Upper Peninsula, and DMU 045 in the Northwestern Lower Peninsula, have both greatly outperformed nearby units.  This leads to the tantalizing possibility that hunters harvesting more and older bucks in these regions are more satisfied with their hunting, and may have continued to enjoy the sport while hunter numbers in surrounding areas have declined.  The video below details some of the striking results from these two Deer Management Units.

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Small Michigan Group Needs Your Help

Whitetail Shed AntlersWhat started nearly 18 months ago with a small passionate group of deer hunters is now a well organized machine designed to initiate desired change in the way we manage Michigan’s deer herd.

Today…we move a giant step forward in helping the majority of Michigan’s deer hunters move closer to their dream of hunting a deer herd with a greater representation of bucks in the herd.

The research has been done, the options have all been considered, evaluated, and ruled on by appropriate parties in authority. Now is the time to role up our sleeves and, in the next 4 short months, convey our message to the hunting public for their approval.

This will not happen by the efforts of a small group. While we are dedicated we need help. If you can donate, dig deep and often. If you can assist in other ways handing out information, or providing a high visibility location for signage, let us know.

Many hands make light work and the work begins TODAY.
Welcome to the new home of LPDMI, we’re glad you’re here!

Tony Smith – President

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Better Deer Hunting Starts Here

Let’s face it, as sportsmen and sportswomen, we all want the opportunity to see more bucks and see and harvest bigger bucks. We have a history in Michigan of killing off most bucks when they are 1.5 or 2.5 years old. But bucks don’t even begin to reach their full potential in antler and body development until they are 3.5 or older. If we want to see more and older bucks, the number one thing we can do is to let them grow an extra year or two.

bipolar buck draft 6

Leelanau County has had antler restrictions in place since 2003. And even though they are a northern Lower Peninsula county, and therefore have less nutrition than some of the southern counties, hunters in Leelanau county harvest more big, old bucks per hunter than hunters in any other county in the state. When the DNR did a survey there in 2008, 72% of hunters and landowners were in favor of keeping the rules after living under them for five years.

Not only that, but the DNR and NRC are currently considering expanding those rules to 12 other counties in the region, based on another survey in which 68.5% of hunters were in favor of instituting a 3 on a side antler restriction.

Better Deer Hunting Starts Here

We are now proposing that the rules be expanded to the entire Lower Peninsula, but with some slight changes. Bucks tend to grow bigger in the Southern Lower Peninsula (SLP) than in the Northern Lower Peninsula (NLP). So our proposal is for a 3 point on a side restriction on the first buck in the NLP, and a 4 point on a side restriction in the SLP.

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